Advokaten 1938

The Publication

In 1938 after the „Anschluss” of Austria the „Deutsche Reich” implied for many Austrian lawyers the end of their professional career. 2,541 lawyers had been registered in the list of the largest chamber of Austria, the chamber of lawyers for „Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland” on March 13, 1938. On December 31, 1938 only 771 lawyers have remained to be registered.

This book draws the history of the Austrian Lawyers during the Nazi dictatorship with a view to the biographies of the individual persecuted Austrian Lawyers. As different as the biographies of these people are, they all have in common the profound break in the life pass caused by the Nazi dictatorship. This book is deemed to be a critical debate of the Austrian Lawyer's history 1938 – 1945 and a memorial book as well.

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